An all-in-one package 

Business ONE is SAP's suite for ERP. It integrates all Enterprise Data and Processes in one Database. 

One and only IT system to manage all Business cycle phases in a low-cost, efficient way. 

SAP Business One manages processes and information of all Enterprise Sectors involved in the Business process: 

Administration, Logistics, CRM, Human Resources.

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SAP's ERP benefits for Small and Medium Businesses

With SAP Business One you will rethink the way ERP functionalities meet the
requirements of your small and medium businesses.

Financial Management

Improve margins, minimize errors, promote a more profitable decision-making process
with a complete toolkit for simplified financial operations. 

Sales and opportunities management

Track all opportunities and activities of lead generation during the sales cycle, from the first hand-shake to the closing of the deal.

Marketing campaign management

Create, manage and analyze marketing activities in order to turn potential customers to actual customers, making profit and revenue grow. 

Customer management

Save all critical customer data in one database, synchronizing and managing customer contacts stored in Microsoft Outlook

Service management

Write down warranty contracts and support agreements in an efficient way. Quickly input, and respond to, service calls

Reporting and analysis

Use templates to create detailed reports on all aspects of the sales process, from forecasting to pipeline tracking.

Sales and Customers Management

Efficiently coordinate the entire business process and the customer's life cycle, from the first hand-shake to the closing of the deal, including post-sale support.


Automates all key accounting processes, such as book entries, customer accounting, provider accounting. 


Manage cash flows, record fixed assets, control budgets, and monitor project costs with higher accuracy and efficiency. 

Manage fixed assets

Simplify the management of your fixed assets through a virtual function. No more repetitive manual data entries.  

Banks and payments - reconciliation

Process reconciliations, account balances, and payments more quickly, either by checks, cash, or money transfers. 

Financial reports and analysis

Create standard and personalized reports from real-time data in order to improve business management processes and auditing controls. 

Mobile sales

Give your whole business structure the tools to autonomously manage information outside the office, anytime, with any mobile tools.

Purchases and inventory control

Optimize purchase processes and control costs through a complete management of order cycles, including entry of the goods, invoices, supplier returns, and payments. 


Simplify supplying processes, from research requests through managing returns, to creating purchase orders and entry of goods. Improve auditing activities by comparing documents, visualizing information flows, and managing multiple currencies. 

Personal data management

Centralize purchase processes by managing detailed data in a user-friendly interface. Visualize account balances and purchases analyses while managing detail purchase informations with price lists and fiscal data. 

Accounting and storage management integration

Take advantage of real-time synchronization of entry of the goods and stock levels in order to easily follow purchase programs. Automatically generate supplier account invoices from the purchase order or from the entry of the goods. 

Supplier accounting

Reduce costs and optimize your supply chain relationships. Generate supplier accounting invoices, cancellations, and supplier credit notes from purchase order data. Plan demands and consequently program purchases. 


Generate integrated reports with real-time data. Visualize reports in different formats or dashboards and obtain a summary view of the most important parameters of your business using your PC or any mobile device.

Business Intelligence

Create precise and accurate reports from company data with analysis and reporting tools.

Create personalized reports

Access data from multiple sources and create new reports - or personalize the existing ones thanks to the different available layouts, with minimal costs for the IT department. 

Interactive analysis

Watch your business from different perspectives. Trust yourself to SAP Business One, integrated with Microsoft Excel's standard functionalities. 

Intuitive tools

Gain more in-depth knowledge thanks to "Drag&Relate" functions and data drill-down. Use the assisted search functions and workflow-based alerts. 

Predefined metric analysis

Significantly improve cash balance and sales performance visibility thanks to the predefined analyses and key performance indicators. 

Powerful data visualizations

Improve the decision process through advanced reporting thanks to powerful data viewers. 

Analysis and Reporting

Empower your personnel with tools to quickly make safer and smarter independent decisions by instantly acquiring all critical company-wide available information.  

Dashboards and Reports

Generate intuitive dashboards and reports that will answer your most pressing questions. Managers can also precisely monitor revenues, costs, and cash flow, and evaluate performances in order to promptly activate the necessary corrections. 

Real-Time Analysis

Access information and make evaluations more rapidly with powerful real-time data analysis. With SAP Business ONE you can simplify data search and on-demand creation of ad-hoc standard reports. 

Sector-Specific Functionalities

Take advantage of a variety of functionalities, best practices, and sector-specific processes with tools designed for small and medium businesses.

Consumer products

Align all aspects of your activity to the modern customers' requirements. Plan in advance, manage the demand, and offer products and consumer goods the customers aspire to. 

Manufactory sector

Meet the customers' requirements and develop new income sources by reducing supply chain costs, accelerating profit attainment, shortening cycle times, and minimizing scraps and re-workings.

Professional services

Always offer your customers top value services. Create repeatable processes for providing services. At the same time, improve resource planning, project management, and invoicing. 


Give your customers the personalized products, the information, and the experience they expect. Exploit the in-depth, real-time information about customers and selling points and optimize end-to-end operations. 

Wholesale distribution

Meet the demands of customers and suppliers with closely integrated, flexible processes. Improve your whole business, from programming, through the supply chain, to storage.

In-Memory Platform

Optimize the decision-making process at enterprise scale.

​Increase margins and make your business grow without further complicating your IT infrastructure, whether it is on-premises or cloud based. With SAP Business ONE you can take advantage of integrated analyses and high-performance functionalities that will enable your company to work at a performance level never experienced before. 

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SAP Software Accessibility

MTF is committed to creating SAP solutions accessible by people with disabilities. Although many features have already been implemented, as of today our applications are not yet optimized for suitable accessibility. 

You might find yourself in need of acquiring supporting third-party client technologies, such as JAWS voice-over technology to use in combination with SAP products. 

SAP Roadmap

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