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Help Desk Service

Our Help Desk Service has two different Support Options, depending on the level of urgency. 

In order to activate your Support service you must open a Trouble Ticket through one of the two options below

The Service is available to customers with an active Support Agreement with regular payments.

For a faster and more efficient response from our side, please, do not contact the Consultants directly; the request would be funneled to the Trouble Ticketing system anyway, resulting in longer intervention times. 

Emergency Support

Urgent intervention is available only for blocking issues and can be activated by calling the number below. 

Customers requesting emergency support for non-blocking issues should open a Standard Support Ticket. 

+39 06

Standard Support

Standard Support is available for any other kind of request. We will process Standard Support requests according to the terms of agreement. 

In order to activate a Standard Support Ticket, you must fill-in the online form below or send an email.

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